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Dry air is a scourge on your family’s health 9 months out of the year.

  • It exacerbates cold and flu symptoms.
  • It aggravates respiratory issues.
  • It makes you and your family more susceptible to cold and flu infections.
  • It causes dry skin, cracking and nosebleeds.
  • It impacts your sleep patterns.
  • It ages your wood furniture prematurely.

A whole house humidifier is Hamilton’s best defense against the negative impacts of dry air, and yours can be installed today, with little impact on your daily schedule.

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A whole house Humidifier isn’t just about health.

The health benefits of a whole house humidifier in Hamilton are significant, but many families choose to invest in a humidifier for a different reason altogether.
Money savings!

A whole house humidifier will actually lower your monthly heating bills.MHumid air transfers heat differently than dry air. Humid air at 20°C feels more like 22°C, so you can set the thermostat to a lower temperature, saving money on your heating, without feeling uncomfortable or cold in the house.

For every degree you heat your house, you can add roughly 4% to your energy bill.

Reducing the thermostat by a few degrees can add up to a hundred dollars or more in savings across the entire year.

The savings will pay for your whole house humidifier in a few years, and your family will enjoy better health for it.

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