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With our air conditioner maintenance plan, your local Rennie Heating & Air Conditioning member is always on call. Our Air Conditioner Maintenance plan will cover seasonal maintenance and any necessary air conditioner repair, regardless of the cause. Service is always performed by professional technicians, local experts with your best interest and comfort in mind.
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Why isn’t My Air Conditioner Working? It’s Almost Brand New!

Your air conditioner should enjoy a long and healthy life with the help of a regular schedule of preventative maintenance. But sometimes you just have bad luck.

Common Issues:

  1. The insulation surrounding key points in your AC system is rotting away from the inside.
  2. The concrete air conditioner slab is sinking and the coolant lines are stressed.
  3. The condenser has become clogged.
  4. The many moving internal parts has worn out before it’s expected useful lifespan.

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