Heating and Cooling in Hamilton. Sales, Service and Good Advice from Your Local Experts

A handful of appliances keep your family comfortable through the sweltering summer and frigid winter.

Our family is here to make sure yours has exactly what it needs to stay comfy, whether heating or cooling. Hamilton’s homes are widely varied, and your HVAC retailer needs the knowledge and experience to evaluate the best strategies for getting you the right equipment and keeping it clean and efficient.

When you purchase from Rennie ClimateCare we want you to be satisfied!
If within one year from the date of installation, you are not satisfied with your purchase,
we will replace the equipment with equipment of equal value or remove the equipment
and credit you.

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What Makes Rennie ClimateCare Special?

Rennie ClimateCare is a member of the ClimateCare Cooperative.
We’re locally owned and operated, and professionally connected to a province-wide network of independent HVAC retailers, the ClimateCare Cooperative.
We use this network to the advantage of our customers.

  • It allows us to maintain local, personal service while negotiating as a large group with product manufacturers. Because of this, our prices compete with and are often more attractive than the box stores.
  • Membership to ClimateCare Cooperative requires ongoing commitment to training and education. Our clients can rest assured they get the best advice and service available.
  • It gives us access to ClimateCare branded products. Think of these as the generic drugs of the HVAC industry. They are built exactly like a brand name product, which we also carry, without the brand name price tag.

Heating and Cooling in Hamilton

Heating and cooling your home in Hamilton can be tricky business. A charming older house might be riddled with air leaks while a new build can be almost too airtight for its own good.

If you own an older home, let us help you find the right appliance:

If you are in a new home, consider an air quality system to negate the common respiratory issues associated with new, airtight builds:

We want your experience to be positive, easy and affordable so you come back to us when you need service, products, repairs or expert advice.
Get your relationship with Rennie ClimateCare off to a great start.

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