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Heat pumps in Hamilton are not meant to serve as the one-and-only heating and cooling system for your home.They can generally handle the cooling load in the summer, but can’t keep up with heating requirements in the winter. For that reason, we recommend heat pumps to families in Hamilton as a means to reduce the workload, and operating cost, of existing HVAC equipment. Heat pumps help extend the lifespan of your other HVAC equipment, forming an efficient, long-lasting, money-saving system many families in Hamilton enjoy.
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A heat pump can cool my home?

Heat pumps move warm air around. The direction doesn’t matter. The system can move heat from the inside of your house out, or from the outside of your house in.

Your neighbours may have one and you don’t realize it.

A heat pump consists of two parts:

  • An indoor unit called an air handler.
  • An outdoor unit that looks just like a central air conditioner.

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