Breathe Easy with a Whole House Humidifier in Hamilton.

Dry air is a scourge on your family’s health 9 months out of the year.

  • It exacerbates cold and flu symptoms.
  • It aggravates respiratory issues.
  • It makes you and your family more susceptible to cold and flu infections.
  • It causes dry skin, cracking and nosebleeds.
  • It impacts your sleep patterns.
  • It ages your wood furniture prematurely.

A whole house humidifier is Hamilton’s best defense against the negative impacts of dry air, and yours can be installed today, with little impact on your daily schedule.

A whole house humidifier isn’t just about health.

The health benefits of a whole house humidifier in Hamilton are significant, but many families choose to invest in a humidifier for a different reason altogether.
Money savings!

A whole house humidifier will actually lower your monthly heating bills.

Humid air transfers heat differently than dry air. Humid air at 20°C feels more like 22°C, so you can set the thermostat to a lower temperature, saving money on your heating, without feeling uncomfortable or cold in the house.

For every degree you heat your house, you can add roughly 4% to your energy bill.

Reducing the thermostat by a few degrees can add up to a hundred dollars or more in savings across the entire year.

The savings will pay for your whole house humidifier in a few years, and your family will enjoy better health for it.

Which humidifier should I buy?

A whole house humidifier must be sized properly for your house and furnace.

Our team is available today to help you find the perfect whole house humidifier in Hamilton.

Once you invest, you’ll wonder how your family put up with that excessively dry air for so long.

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