Keep Your Kids Healthy with a Reliable Air Filtration System in Hamilton

The air inside your home is often more damaging to your health (and your family) than the air outside.


  • To become more energy efficient, homes are more airtight than ever.
  • Unless you keep the window open, your home is essentially a closed ecosystem.
  • Bacteria and other contaminants have nowhere to go, so they circulate and multiply.

This is especially true in winter, and it’s part of the reason we are all more likely to get sick in the winter than the summer.

It’s also why many families feel allergies are worse indoors in the summer than outdoors. Allergens get trapped inside and circulate endlessly.

But your family doesn’t have to be content with the status quo. A good, effective and affordable air filtration system can make Hamilton’s sometimes unpleasant air family-safe.

The best air filtration system?

The best air filtration system is different for every home and budget.

For some, a mechanical air filter is best. Why?

  • Is uses a simple mesh style filter.
  • It is easy to clean and replace.
  • It’s cost effective and requires very little maintenance.

For others, an electronic air filter is best because:

  • It can filter out a greater range of contaminants.
  • It costs more, but delivers superior performance.
  • It even removes the smoke smell of cigarettes or cooking.

Your air filtration system works in tandem with your furnace, delivering clean air through your existing ductwork. There are no bulky attachments and installation can be completed in as little as an hour.

Pair it with a new whole-house humidifier to further reduce the effects of poor air quality.

We carry a selection of air filtration systems in Hamilton. Give us a call to talk about the best air filter for your family today.

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