Radiant Floor Heating. Hamilton’s Newest Home Comfort Trend

Your hardwood floors are beautiful, but they hold that winter chill for months on end.

Keep the floors and lose the cold with a new radiant floor heating system. Hamilton’s fastest-growing home upgrade will make your family more comfortable and help cut back on your furnace heating bills.

We can get the job done in a weekend and your floors will look just like they did before, minus the chill.

Why radiant floor heating is so popular in Hamilton

Radiant in-floor heating systems offer numerous benefits over traditional home heating systems, and work in tandem (or even as a solitary system) to reduce your overall heating expenses:

  • Run your furnace less often. Since in-floor heating requires no motor, the system will not circulate dust or allergens, operates silently and replaces expensive forced-air with radiant heat.
  • The consistent nature of radiant heat means you can set your furnace to a very low threshold, potentially eliminating the need for it on mild days entirely.
  • Radiant floor heating relies on simple technology, requiring far less maintenance than other heating appliances, like furnaceheat pumps and hydronics heating systems.

Why work with Rennie ClimateCare?

We’re a family owned and operated business, and have been since 1977. We’re also part of the ClimateCare Cooperative, an Ontario-wide HVAC association dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest standards of training and service.

This means you get:

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