Important Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC System

Important spring cleaning for your AC and furnace

Depending on how committed you are, spring cleaning can become a massive chain of tasks. And it feels longer than it is, when all you want to do is get out and shake off the winter cobwebs.

A lot of homeowners like you run out of steam around the time they should take care of maintenance on the air conditioner, ducts and furnace.

Before you skip the most important HVAC maintenance, think of these three major reasons to keep AC, furnace and duct cleaning at the top of your list for the season.

Hidden Costs

If you can afford to spend more on your daily heating and cooling, skip your annual HVAC maintenance. Budget-minded families, however, benefit from the increased energy efficiency regular spring cleaning for your air conditioner and furnace brings.

  • The gunk inside your furnace or air conditioner can represent approximately 30% of a cooling or heating bill in extreme cases.
  • Blockages and leaks in your ducts can add 20% or more.
  • Low refrigerant account for another 20% or more in cooling energy for your air conditioner.

You can’t afford to ignore the increased efficiency and money savings you get with annual maintenance.

Sign up for a maintenance plan and you don’t even have to remember when to book your maintenance. We take care of that.

Sneaky allergens

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Furnace maintenanceAllergens might be stuck to the walls of your ductwork, exacerbating any sensitivities you have (especially in the spring, when more allergens come flooding in).

The air filter in your furnace traps some of these allergens, but it’s not 100% effective. Especially if you haven’t replaced your furnace filter in the last 3 months, allergens always sneak through. As the dust and grime and pollen settles on the coils in your air handling unit, they combine with moisture in the area, resulting in a layer of grime that’s tough to get off.

This is a prime breeding spot for mold and bacteria, and left untouched, it continues to contaminate your air supply summer after summer, winter after winter.

Some airborne particles continue along to your ducts, sticking there even after your normal furnace or air conditioner maintenance is performed.

We recommend keeping up with annual maintenance for your large HVAC equipment and duct cleaning every 2-3 years for anything adding up between visits.

Make preparations!

Spring and summer weather may seem so far off today, but it won’t be long before you need your air conditioner for round the clock cooling (and not long after that, your furnace again).

Preventive care is always smarter and more affordable than reactive care (as in repairs). Maintenance might not avoid every issue your HVAC system can encounter, you radically reduce your potential for a malfunction with every maintenance visit.

Plus, your technician can help in planning ahead for an eventual system replacement.

The team at Rennie ClimateCare is here to help. Book annual maintenance for your air conditioner and furnace in one go and know you’re good to go until 2019.

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