Help! There are Strange Noises Coming from My Air Conditioner

Noisy AC

Are there some funky noises coming from your air conditioner each time you turn it on?

That shouldn’t happen.

Your home cooling system should run quietly and efficiently. It shouldn’t sound like it’s struggling to deliver cool air throughout your home.

If you hear any of the following sounds, don’t ignore them or hope they’ll just “go away” on their own.

Instead, contact us at Rennie ClimateCare for immediate air conditioner repair.

The sound: Screeching or screaming

What’s causing it? The fan motor or compressor

A grating, rough, or harsh screech or scream coming from your AC means that two critical elements – the compressor or fan motor – need some immediate air conditioner maintenance


Now, you need to note when your air conditioner is screeching or screaming.

At start-up: It’s the compressor

  • The compressor is responsible for refrigerant circulation. Without it, your air conditioner cannot generate cool air.
  • Unfortunately, the old, broken compressor will need to be taken out and a new, functioning unit will need to be put in its place.

During operation: It’s the fan motor

The sound: Hissing or a slow deflation

What’s causing it? There’s a leak somewhere

When your AC is running, is there an ominous hissing or deflating sound coming from it?

It sounds pretty unnerving. It also requires a bit of investigation to find out exactly what’s behind it and how to eliminate it with the right maintenance service.

Really bad: Compressor issues

  • SHUT DOWN YOUR AIR CONDITIONER ASAP. Don’t turn it back on. Don’t use it at all. Contact us for emergency service and leave it alone until we can check it out for you.
  • If there’s a painful shrieking noise in addition to the hissing sound, that’s a sure sign the pressure inside the compressor is much too high.

Costing you money: Leaks in the lines

  • The refrigerant within your AC is under a tremendous amount of pressure. Any leaks in the lines will result in a constant hissing sound.
  • Lost refrigerant can’t keep your home cool. However, you’re still going to pay for it (which isn’t good) unless you get those leaks or holes patched up.

Impacting efficiency: Leaky valve

  • Within the compressor is a valve that’ll hiss should it leak.
  • This valve keeps the refrigerant pressurized. Don’t ignore this. As the leak gets worse, so will the hissing sound which goes along with it.

Electrical dangerThe sound: Buzzing or cracking

What’s causing it? Electrical components

There are numerous electrical connections inside – and leading to – your air conditioner.

If you hear incessant buzzing or crackling, DON’T ATTEMPT TO FIX IT YOURSELF. You could end up injuring yourself or causing further damage to your unit.

Inside the house: Tripped circuit breaker

  • Breakers are designed to handle certain amperage. If your AC produces more amps than the breaker can handle. It’ll trip itself off (which is what it’s supposed to do).
  • Poor air filtration. A malfunctioning motor or a faulty compressor can all cause a breaker to trip.

Inside the air conditioner: Condenser fan motor

  • The giant fan blades inside your AC draw air and takes away heat from the condenser coils.
  • Now, if air is blowing throughout your house, but the fan doesn’t spin (and makes a buzzing sound), it’s broken and will need to be replaced.

Connecting to your AC: Loose wiring

  • DON’T MESS WITH LOOSE WIRES. There could still be current flowing through them, which could shock you (or your air conditioner system). Let Rennie ClimateCare take care of it for you.
  • Loose or worn out wires is keeping electricity from safely circulating through your system. A buzzing noise is a common indicator of this.

Hear these (or other) noises from your air conditioner? Contact Rennie ClimateCare

Your AC should deliver reliable and comfortably cool air all summer long.

And it should do so quietly.

If your air conditioner makes any of the sounds noted in this blog – or other strange noises which you’re concerned about – your best option is to take care of it ASAP.

To start, contact us and tell us what’s going on with your AC.

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